PC/Steam – £9.99/$9.99


Law and order have broken down, crime rules the streets, and no one is safe! In desperation, the city mayor calls upon a unique cop, a cop with a single remit, to use excessive force to eliminate the gangs and clean up the streets.

Unleash an armoury of enhanced weapons and take out the thugs in a baptism of bullets and fire, all in the name of freedom, safety and job satisfaction!

Liberate the mayhem-filled streets of the city, destroy gang hideouts and weapon stores, track down the criminal kingpin’s lair and show him the colour of his insides! Lay waste to the criminal underworld in this retro arcade shooter. Run, jump, take cover and deliver your own brand of shock and awe law and order!



  • Robo50: Suit up the mechanised Robo50 body armour system, fully loaded with unique weaponry and special attacks designed to dispatch even the toughest of criminal lowlife.
  • Overpowered Weaponry: Machine guns, laser weapons, rockets, grenades, flame throwers and more. Shoot, detonate, blast and explode your way through endless hordes of gang thugs and their scumbag bosses.
  • Massive Body Count: Just like the action movies of the 80s, the body count will be extreme and unrelenting.
  • Arcade Quality: 16-bit pixel art graphics, hand-drawn animations, fluid 60-FPS gameplay, and an epic soundtrack.
  • 12 Huge Levels: Gritty, graffiti-strewn cityscape, junkyard battle, gang hideouts, underground metro system, each with its own gang boss to eliminate.



Press Kit screens (zip archive)