House of Pain

PC/Steam – £9.99/$9.99


Swing your machete into a pixel gore-drenched Arcade Horror experience. Survive the House of Pain!

Your family has been abducted by a deranged doctor from Hell. Only your unstoppable brutality can save them!

Butcher your way through twisted nightmare armies of Zombies, Devil Dogs, Chainsaw Wielding Sickos, Mutated Human Experiments, and Rotting Corpses. Slash down the rot and gore with extreme prejudice.

Following a daring prison break, your sole focus is to rescue your family. The world is not how you left it! You must explore this nightmarish world of grotesque and bizarre creatures, all ready to tear you limb from limb.

Battle through a variety of different landscapes, overcoming gruesome pixel art foes and deadly traps. Find and wield a range of deadly weapons, including a chainsaw, axe, machete, shotgun and flame thrower, or rely on your fists and powerful flying kick.

Game Features

  • Gore filled fast-paced hack and slash gameplay, with the authenticity of classic arcade games.
  • Huge 2D pixel sprites depicting legions of twisted monsters, huge sub-boss creatures and gore dripping mega bosses.
  • Unleash punches, flying kicks and wield deadly weapons, including a chainsaw, axe, machete, shotgun and flame thrower.
  • Battle through a variety of detailed environments; swampland, haunted mansion, rooms of pain, underground dungeons and the mad doctor’s lair.
  • Authentic Arcade pixel aesthetic with modern touches like screen shake, particle effects, 2D physics and multi-layered parallax backgrounds.



Press Kit screens (zip archive)