About Reset Games

Reset Games Ltd, Bath, UK


RESET GAMES is an independent video game development & content creation studio, located in Bath, England.

Founded in 2020 by Claire and Richard Hill-Whittall, the management team have owned and managed other development studios going back over 25 years, including Graphic State, Icon Games and Super Icon.

Together, Claire and Richard have developed and released over 50 games on a wide variety of platforms, including Nintendo (Switch, WiiU, Wii, Gameboy series), Sony (Playstation 4, Vita, PSP and Playstation 2), PC, Android, iOS and Mac.

We create video games with a retro flair; games that are fun to play, beautiful to look at and made with care and passion.  We love making games for you to play and enjoy, please support us!

Video Game & Content Creators

– Developing games & content with a retro flair

– We love pop culture, horror & all things retro

– 50+ games released

Work with us – Please get in touch with regards to opportunities of working together…

Email: claire@resetgames.co.uk



Richard Hill-Whittall

Development Director

Richard has managed the development of 50 games over 70 different SKUs since 1998.


Reset Role

Overseeing the development of all titles, with a hands-on approach, incorporating Unity development & C# coding, game art and audio production.

Specialties: Business development, studio management, game production, contract negotiation, self-publishing, C# programming, game design, art direction, pixel art, 3D modelling & texturing.

Software: Unity, Google Suite, Office Suite, Adobe Photoshop, Premier, InDesign, Illustrator, Lightwave, ProMotion, various bug tracking systems, Slack, Discord, Trello.

Claire Hill-Whittall

Commercial Director


Claire has managed the day-to-day running of various game studios, including financial control, business development and marketing.


Reset Role

Financial management of the studio, new business (assessing new opportunities and markets), and general day-to-day studio management.

Specialties: Accounting, financial control, HR, resource management, sales and marketing.

Software: Google Suite, Office Suite, Adobe Photoshop, various bug tracking systems, Slack, Discord, Trello.